Removed File Recuperation In Mac After A Disk Utility Failure Error Message

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If you are not aware with the Disk utility then I must tell you that it is an influential application incorporated with Mac OS X which can competently be sorted out and can handle all the drive connected problems happened in a Mac system. One can use it for formation or reduction of disk images, checking SMART attributes, formatting or partitioning disks, mounting disks, checking out the disk's integrity.

The utility is capable of performing a live confirmation of your begin up Mac volume without any want of requiring to begin from other volume. But at the time of performing the repair part of the boot volume, there is a requirement to begin the system Mac OS X Install DVD. However in some of the issues, you can get several error messages when tool fails to diagnose the problem related to disk. This case can make your useful data to thrash that you have stored in your Mac Operating system. If you want to cope up with this problem, then the only thing that you need to do is that go for Mac file revival with the aid of a consistent third-party utility.

Suppose for example, if you own a PM G5 Tiger HDD which becomes un-mountable because of some issues and you brought a fresh drive and installed Mac OS X Leopard. You may receive some error messages at your screen at the time you try to execute Leopard Disk Utility on your old drive:

"Checking out volume 'PM G5 hd'

Verifying Journaled HFS Plus volume unacceptable record count

Examining Extents Overflow document 
Verifying Catalog file
Unacceptable record count Volume test botched. 
Fault: File scheme confirm or repair failed

These are some of the error messages that may be found on your screen, after these kinds of error messages the HDD turns into un-mountable, which results in the detachment of all the essential data.


If you are seeing these kinds of error messages on to your screen, then it is just because of a corrupt HFS (Hierarchical File System). The above fault can make your PC un-accessible. Finally you can find a huge data thrashing problem which can be harmful for your system. In this kind of condition, the only option left with you is to execute the deleted file revival of the lost files with the help of an efficient backup. Nevertheless, if you don’t have any backup with you then you must follow the steps as mentioned below:

If you want to make yourself free from the above mentioned issues, then try to implement these steps:

Fix out the corrupted file system with the aid of 'fsck' command line utility. After that re-install the Mac Operating system and format the hard drive.

I must tell you that formatting the hard drive can delete all of your imperative data thus so as to recuperate the removed files, the only option left with you is to check out some efficient third-party recuperation tool.

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Removed File Recuperation In Mac After A Disk Utility Failure Error Message

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Removed File Recuperation In Mac After A Disk Utility Failure Error Message

This article was published on 2011/07/28