7 Reasons Why Mac�"'""s Are Better Than Pc�"'""s

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As a recent Mac convert and something with a big mouth, Iâeuro™ve realized that if Iâeuro™m going to run around town telling everyone I know that they should get a Mac, I need to be able to articulate why I believe the Mac is superior to the PC.

So here goes:

1.It looks and feels cooler! I know, I knowâeuro¦thatâeuro™s no reason to buy a computer. Or is it? I think it may be. Why? I feel good working on my Mac, and I truly believe that when I feel good I produce better work.

2.Itâeuro™s far faster. It starts faster, opens applications faster, and runs processes faster.

3.Itâeuro™s easier. I was really quite nervous about the challenges of converting to a Mac after decades of using a PC. How do I right click for Peteâeuro™s sake?! But it took me all of two days to feel comfortable working on the Mac. Everything is so well designed that it just feels intuitive.

4.The battery lasts longer. I am writing this on a three hour flight. Iâeuro™ll use my Mac the whole time and still have plenty of battery to spare when I land. My old PC laptop? No chance. I wouldnâeuro™t even make it through the flight.

5.I can still run my Windows operating system and applications on it if I want to. Itâeuro™s amazing! I can run both operating systems at once and it still performs much faster than my PC did. The old story that even I used to tell until just a few months ago is that Macâeuro™s are for fun, PCâeuro™s are for business. That argument no longer holds any waterâeuro¦I can do anything on my Mac that a PC can do.

6.It easily finds and connects to wireless and peripherals. Accessing wireless in a new location or adding a printer is a snap! No IT support required.

7.My kids love it. At least once a day my daughter runs into my office, leaps up on my lap and yells, âeuroœPhoto booth daddy, Photo booth!âeuro. The Mac has so many cool, easy to use applications that my 4 and 6 year old daughters have a blast with making and editing photos and videos, and video chatting with my friends in New York City. So cool.

Well, if I havenâeuro™t convinced you to at least try one, no skin off my nose âeuro“ I donâeuro™t work for Mac. But your missing out!
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7 Reasons Why Mac�"'""s Are Better Than Pc�"'""s

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This article was published on 2011/01/05